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Stefano Fregni is Elio Fiorucci in MADE IN ITALY. On Canale 5, prime time, 13th January

Claudia Christian returns in 9-1-1 on FOX TV

Kathryn Davis has a double bill, featuring in two releases, A CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE and A CHRISTMAS CARUOSEL

William McNamara begins work on the Second Season of AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD

Kathryn Davis is Vera in the new Series JUPITER'S LEGACY

Lauren Budd wins Best Supporting Actress for AT THE END OF THE ROAD

Stefano Fregni is in the new biopic by Giacomo Campiotti. Premieres in Italy on RAI 1 on 3rd January

Alix Bénézech flies to Tahiti to film the second season of TAHITI PK0

Written and Directed by Raz Degan, THE LAST SHAMAN is #1 on Netflix

Natasha Behnam stars in

AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: GIRLS' RULES the first film in the franchise to have an all female cast in the lead roles

Karim Theilgaard is Laertes in Barry McKenna's new production of HAMLET

at Kronborg Castle


Heléna Antonio is in MADE IN ITALY, new feature film directed by James D'Arcy

Heléna Antonio stars in the new suspense filled shortflim by Mike Waugh MAGNETIC

Stefano Fregni stars in the #1 hit show SUMMERTIME

Following the huge success her film The Sledge, Actor / Director Emanuela Ponzano premieres her new film A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE

Actor / Director Thomas Kadman wins Best Emerging Director and Best Actor at the European Screen Awards

Karim Theilgaard is Ricardo in the new feature by Stuart McBratney DON'T READ THIS ON A PLANE

Alix Bénézech is Louise in EMILY IN PARIS

Anusha Prakash flies to Mauritius to be Silvia in feature film PRISONERS OF PARADISE

Anna Bullard flies to Norway to be Lilly, lead character in THERE'S SOMEONE AT THE WINDOW, a new feature film by Alex Herron


Henrike Von Kuick and Mario Klischies star in feature film by Mariana Junika CHASING PAPER BIRDS

Fernando Corral stars as Francisco de Cuellar in the new epic ARMADA 1588: SHIPWRECK & SURVIVAL

Sahil Mehta is Arnab Mitra in the new drama / thriller GUILTY

Ricardo de Sà stars in TERRA NOVA, a new feature by Artur Ribeiro

Francesco Salvi wins another Best Supporting Actor Award for THE GAME CHANGER at the Terni Film Festival

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