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American Actress with dual citizenship American / Italian.

Based in New York and London




2017. SNITCHES. Rahaman Studios LLT. Steven Rahaman

2014. THE CASE OF JOSEPHINE H. The Polish Film Institute. Izabella Gustowska



2014. MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM E 208. Optimum Productions. Remy Weber



2022. SHELL. Big Foot. Michael Massey

2022. ASPERCREME ARTHITIS. B2Y. Nalle Sjöbald

2020. SYSTEM AKVILE. Sweet Spot Studio. Marc Suss


2018. NEW YEAR. Winter Road Entertainment. Matt Yturralde

2016. BURN PILE. Studio 4. Christina Reilly

2015. CARNAL. Red Monarch Productions. Xavier Miles



2021. A WALK THROUGH LITERATURE. Kulturfoerderung. Lars Henriks

2020. APOLOGIA. The English Theatre of Hamburg. Paul Glaser

2019. MADISON AVENUE. Average Hight James. Alexander McInnes

2018. NO SIGNAL. Lincoln Center Director's Lab. Hassiem Muhammad

2018. THE MACALLEN'S MANOR. Radar 360. Michelle Bruenn

2017. NORTH HAVEN. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Richard Cerato

2017. THE EDGE OF YOU. On The Verge Fest, RCS, Citizens Theatre. Rebecca Robin

2017. DEAR SCOTT, DEAREST ZELDA. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Stasi Sheaffer

2017. HENRY IV PARTS I & II. RCS. Gordon Barr

2017. TICKLE IN MY MIND. RCS, Bridge Week Fest. Courtney Kier

2017. TROILUS AND CRESSIDA. Shakespeare's Globe, RCS Residency. Nick Hutchison

2015. 1,934 DAYS. Times Sq. International Theatre Fest. Charlotte Cohn

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