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With a career in Film and TV that spans over 35 years, Claudia Christian has worked George Clooney, Sharon Stone, Morgan Freeman, Nicolas Cage and Michael Keaton to name a few. She starred in NCIS, Castle, Nip/Tuck, The Mentalist and is a Series regular on 9-1-1.

Based in Los Angeles




2018. Dirty Dead Con Men. Leomark Studios. Marie-Grete Heinemann

2017. Chicanery. Foo Dog Productions. Charles Dennis

2014. California Scheming. Cinedigm Entertainment Group. Marco Weber

2014. Red. R-Squared Films. Danielle Colman

2013. Watercolor Postcards. BayView Entertainment. Rajeev Dassani

2012. Overnight. Westchester Films Inc. Valerie Breiman

2009. Serbian Scars. New Films International. Brent Huff

2006. The Garden. Anchor Bay Entertainment. Don Michael Paul

2004. Quiet Kill. Diverse Talent Group. Mark Jones

2003. The Failures. Yankee Films. Tim Hunter



2022. Dota: Dragon's Blood. Netflix. Various

2021. THE ROOKIE. ABC. Various

2020. Blood of Zeus. Netflix. Various (7 episodes)

2018.-21 911. FOX. Various (9 Episodes)

2018. The Rookie. ABC. Various

2017. NCIS. CBS. Various

2017. Mommy, I Didn't Do It. Lifetime. Richard Gabai

2016. Cozmo's. Curmudgeon Films. A.B. Stone

2015. Runestone: Sizzle. Reel Road's End Films. Various

2014. The Mentalist. CBS. Various

2014. Castle. ABC. Various

2013. The Wrong Woman. Lifetime Television. Richard Gaba

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