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British, Irish Italian passport. Based in London




2022. THE GIRL WITH THE FORK. Tractorni Productions. Ignacio Maiso 

2020. THE LOST. Apple TV. Red Guerilla Films. Peter Stylianou 

2019. THE CONSULTANT. Tractorni Productions. Ignacio Maiso 

2018. PLAYHOUSE. Apple TV. Screen Scotland. Fionn Watts 

2018. THEM. Amazon Prime. David Stock Films. Ignacio Maiso 

2017. CRIMINAL AUDITION. Sky Store. Mordue Pictures. Samuel Gridley 

2017. DEAD UNICORNS. Luxurious Dread. Ian Fielding 

2012. THE THOMPSONS. Lionsgate. The Butcher Brothers 



2021. CASUALTY. BBC. Michael Lacey 

2014. CRIMEWATCH. BBC. Rachel Newman 



2022. HEAD & SHOULDERS. Saatchi & Saatchi. Tony Barry 

2015. PREMIER INN. ITV. Gavin Hawes 



2019. BEFORE I DIE. Electric Robin. Endemol Shine Group. Gareth Williams 

2019. RIDE WITH GUILT. Phoenix Works Films. Dario Bocchini 

2019. THE REUNION. NFTS. Ian Knox 

2019. THROUGH THE TREES. Crown Chimp. USA. Jacob Turrentine 

2018. BLANKET. BFI. Arts University Bournemouth. Sophie Gossman 

2016. MILLION DOLLAR MILKSHAKE. Camelot Films. The Bashford Twins 

2016. TODD SLOANE. BFI. Get New Design. Haruka Irie 



2018. BLOOD RITES. Quest for Life. Arcola Theatre. Eileen Bellott Rebecca Calienda 

2017. TEACHING A DILLO TO CROSS THE ROAD. Tennessee Theatre Company. Annie Tanton 

2016. FIRE BURN THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH. Immercity. UK Tour & Edinburgh Fringe. Rosanna Marj Mallinson 

2015. MONOLOUGE SLAM. Tri Force Promotions. Theatre Royal Stratford East. Mr Nice 

2014. WHO WILL CARRY THE WORD?. Imperial Productions. Jack Studio Theatre. David Phipps-Davis 

2013. WHALE MUSIC. Chelsea Players Theatre. Barons Court Theatre. Francis Bodam 

2012. SERIOUS MONEY. The Bridewell Theatre. Gareth Machin

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