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Spanish Actor, flawless American Accent and highly proficient in French.

He played football at professional level.

Based in Madrid




2024. THE STANGERS TRILOGY, Renny Harlin, Lionsgate

2024. THE PRINCIPLE, Alex Ockham, Black Swan

2020. THE MCHENRY TRIAL. The Sagoes Company. Ken Sagoes

2019. GUYS AT PARTIES LIKE IT. Mattioli Productions. Colton Coate, Micah Coate

2019. BLACK OUT. Showtime. Rob Ciano, Stanton Hunter

2018. ROOM 16, JK Focus, Jolie Kinga

2016. SUPPOSITION. 1 One 2 Two Films. Tony James

2016. IN BLACK & WHITE 3CK. Media Dana Verde



2024. HANNO UCCISO L'UOMO RAGNO, Sydney Sibilia, Sky

2024. ENA, Estel Díaz, RTVE Television Española

2021. SEñOR DAME PACIENCIA. Atresmedia, DLO Producciones. Jacobo Martos

2019. MODEL BOY. Vogue. Jacob Brown

2018. LOVE YOUR LIFE. Renée Stork

2017. DRYDEN. Red Marble Productions

2017. ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN. Investigation Discovery. Joshua Kleinman

2019. HYSTERICAL WOMEN. Changito Perrito Productions. Whitney Uland

2018. PENNED. Framework Productions. Steven Pierce



2022. SCALPERS - REBELDINHO, Daniel Guerrero, Scalpers

2018. WORLD CUP SPOT. Coral. David Gordon Green

2018. NOT DISCLOSED. Modular Estudio. David Treviño



2018. WHISTLING. Columbia MFA. Poyu Chen. Amazon Prime



2023. PROFESIONALES JUAN CARLOS CORAZZA. J. C. Corazza, Estudio J. Carlos Corazza

2018. DEAR ELEANOR. Red Booth Productions. Elise Finnerty

2016. A GOWN FOR HIS MISTRESS. T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre. Robert Verlaque

2016. DALI'S DREAM TRG. 4th Street Theatre. NYTW Lisa Monde

2016. PLACE OF ASSEMBLY. Open Hydrant Theatre. Luis Cardenas

2016. THE ILLUSION OF LOVE. Akademeia Theatre. Kathleen Potts, Danielle Zappa

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