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Luxembourgish/French Actress, dual national and highly proficient in German, Spanish, Russian, and English.
Based in Los Angeles, Paris




2019. EAST SIDE STORY. Verloren Productions. Walter Padilla Perez

2019. THE ROOM. Bidibul Productions, Les Films du Poisson. Christian Volckman

2018. WIZARDREAM. Playback Motion Pictures. John Carl Buechler

2018. THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. Flawless Production. Daniel Anghelcev

2018. HE MATADO A MI MARIDO. Shoreline Entertainment. Francisco Lupini-Basagoiti

2017. DEAD HEAD. Tejas Productions. Thomas Casper

2016. $ELFIE SHOOTOUT. 905 Productions. Ron Jackson

2016. SILENT CRY ALOUD. More2Life Entertainment. Erika Rogers



2018. ZëMMER ZE VERLOUNEN. RTL. Daniel Texter

2017. SANGRE NEGRA. Sangre Negra. Frank Pinnock

2016. ANGIE TRIBECA. TBS. Steve Carell

2016. AWKWARD. MTV. Beau Mirchoff

2015. BORDERLINE. Amazon. Geo Santini

2014. TATTOO NIGHTMARES. Spike TV. Brad Kreisberg



2018. STONEGUARD. Extremity Entertainment. Bradley T. Miller

2016. HAPPY TREE. Glasscore Entertainment. Yunyi Zeng

2016. COLD SUN. Ponder All Productions. Isaac Medeiros

2016. HUSH. Blackbird Studio. Alex Merkin

2015. SNAKE EYES. Baldo-Bretow Productions. Mary-Madison Baldo

2015. THE SEX ADDICT. Burning Bridge Pictures. Amir Mo



2019. NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY WACO. Theater Center. Richard Lawson

2015. PICASSO'S WOMEN. Fringe Festival Los Angeles. Aramazd Stepanian

2014. MACBETH. Shakespeare in the Park. Louis Fantasia

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