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Lithuanian Actress and Musical singer, highly proficient in English, Spanish and Russian.

Based in Barcelona




2022. LOBIS. Studija 2. Agne Marcinkeviciute



2022. CLARK. Netflix, Jonas Akerlund

2019. OCCUPIED. Netflix. Camilla Strøm Henriksen

2018. WOMEN LIE BETTER. TV3 Lithuania. Andrius Ziurauskas

2017. LOVE CURES. LNK Lithuania. Robertas Razma



2023. LIDL. Zest Production House. Domas Petronis

2023. SEA THE FUTURE. Julio Pereira

2020. FAMILY GIFT CO. Medijos menas. Eimantas Raulinaitis

2019. TWO GIFT INSURANCES. Lietuvos Draudimas. Domas Petronis



2024. TICTOC. Pau Masó. Pau Masó

2024. BRAIN FOG. Bonzo Producciones. Gerard Escuer

2023. STEPHEN'S TALE. Lightframers. Lucas Snijder

2023. RIGHTS OF MAN. Open Cage Pictures. Micha Strecker

2022. MASKED. Katie Cooper Production. Lukas Revzin

2016. KITTY'S FORTUNE. Superplex Pictures. Adam Baroukh



2022. MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. Open Air Shakespeare. Aleta Chappelle

2020. THE GOOD PERSON OF SZECHWAN. Festival Young Theatre Days. Paulius Pinigis 2020. THE EMPTY HOURS. Klaipeda Concert Hall. Loreta Vaskova

2015. ONE FOR MY BABY. Now You Know Productions. Anthony Orme

2013. FOUR PLAY. London Actors Workshop. Jon Sidgewick

2011. PROGI, BE A MAN. Teatras Nr. 1. Lithuania. Margo Karachanova

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