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American Actress

Based in Los Angeles




2019. THE LEGEND OF 5 MILE CAVE. INSP Films. Brent Christy

2016. CAR DOGS. Ballistic. Adam Collis

2015. FOLLOWED. Logolite Entertainment. Michael Anderson

2015. I REMEMBER YOU. Dark Highway Films. Claudia Sparrow

2008. BILLY THE EARLY YEARS. Rukus Films, Rocky Mountain Pictures. Robby Benson



2020. USS CHRISTMAS. Hallmark Channel. Steven R. Monroe

2016. STRANGER THINGS. Netflix. The Duffer Brothers (Matt & Ross Duffer)

2013. MOB CITY. TNT. Guy Ferland

2012. RIZZOLI & ISLES. TNT. Michael Katleman

2007. SHARK. FOX TV. Adam Davidson



2021. KAZIAH. Schrey Productions. Rachel Schrey, Stefanie Butler

2021. JONAS. Jonas, LLC. Joseph Robinson

2019. JOLENE. Allen and Gray Media Group. Richard Allen

2019. THERE COMES A KNOCKING. Film Riot & Triune Films. Ryan Connolly

2019. LONG ROADS. Long Roads, LLC. Ashleigh Chavis

2019. GUEST OF HONOR. JROB Productions. Justin Robinson

2019. THE WISE FARMER. KB Productions. Kali Bailey

2018. SAME. Butler Sisters Productions. Abbi & Stefanie Butler

2016. INTERROGATION. Interrogation, LLC. YueCheng Liu



2016. THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. Aquila Morong Studio. Aidan Bristow

2015. SUBURBAN MOTEL. Aquila Morong Studio. John Hindman

2016. A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. Aquila Morong Studio. John Hindman, Deb Aquila

2015. CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. Aquila Morong Studio. John Hindman, Deb Aquila

2014. UNCLE VANYA. Aquila Morong Studio. John Hindman, Deb Aquila

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