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British / Turkish Actress, fluent in German and French.

Based in London




2021. HOPLITE CENTURION. Acamas Video. Ed Kirk

2019. RUPTURES. Flamin Productions Noor. Afshan Mirza, Brad Butler



2021. VIEWPOINT. ITV. Ashley Way (3 episodes)

2016. RED DWARF. Baby Cow Productions. Doug Naylor

2017. LONDRA MAHALLESI. Eurostar. Altan Aktürk

2016. DUCK QUACKS DON'T ECHO. Sky1. Magnum Media

2015. AJANS BRITANYA. Elijah Productions, TV8. Ilhan Gokalp



2021. THE LANDING PLATFORM. Arts University Bournemouth. Hugo Dodd

2021. CONNECTIONS. D.G Productions. Durul Gür

2021. ANXIOUS. Bastet Productions. Laura Dorn

2020. I AM FRIDA. RA Entertainment. Raquel Arraes

2019. GODMOTHER. Chewe Entertainment. Sipho Padata Chewe

2019. GENIE. Zems Entertainment, Trailblazer Films. Naeem Mahmood

2017. PRAWN. Rocket Room Productions. Nicola Quilter

2017. CLAPPER BOARD. Carvetii Films. Adam Ibbotson

2018. THE FLOWER SONG - SPRING IN AUTUMN. The Generation Revolution Media. Jack Jewers



2020. LIBERATION JAM. Black Lives Matter. Katie Joy

2019. TANGLED. The Criterion. Rayna Campbell

2019. WOMEN IN REVOLT. Shorts on Tap. Filippo Polesel

2018. HALLOWEEN TO HELL AND BACK. Shorts on Tap. Filippo Polesel

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