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British/ Nigerian Actor, bilingual English / Yoruba.

Based in London




1998. BACK TO AFRICA. Bonag Industries, Tony Abulu Films. Tunde Alabi



2021. TABLE OF FOUR. ITV. Paul Copeland

2018. CORONATION STREET. ITV Studios. Various

2017. HISTORY IN THE MAKING. History. Ellie Rogers



2021. TESCO, Sarah Laird & Good Company. Tara Darby

2019. HORLICKS - A TALE OF LIFE’S MOMENTS. Mosquito Digital. Anthony Driver

2016. FISH4JOBS. Wall Breaker Productions. Luke Winter



2023. SLIDING DOORS. Chaos Design. Gavin Dunt

2021. THEA. BBC Films. Richard Toulmin

2019. 1919 RACE RIOTS (VIRTUAL REALITY). First Take. Lynne Harwood

2019. POWERLESS. Sonder Pictures. Nicole Pott

2019. BEING.... Byrne Dean. Alison Best. Ian Williams

2019. UPSKILL. Toffee Hammer Productions. Ben Verrall

2018. BT - THE JOURNEY. PH Creative. Nick Moss

2018. GRATITUDE. Manchester Film Festival. Camden Nightingale

2018. PARTING WAYS. Bloombox Productions. Sam Walker

2018. NURSES: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE. Firewood Pictures. Asher Hardy



2019. 1919 RACE RIOTS. Tmesis Theatre. Elinor Randle

2018. SAME SAME DIFFERENT. York Theatre Royal. Martha Simon

2018. EIGHT. Oldham Coliseum Theatre. Chris Lawson

2017. A CHRISTMAS CAROL. 53two Theatre. Simon Naylor

2017. SAME SAME DIFFERENT. Z Arts/Brush Stroke Order. Naomi Sumner

2015. LIVING WITH MR HAPPY. 3 Minute Theatre. Geoffrey Hanam

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