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American Actor. Based in Sofia




2023. AIR FORCE ONE DOWN. Afd Limited. James Bamford

2023. SUBSERVIENCE. Millenium. S.K. Dale

2023. THE STRANGERS. Lionsgate. Renny Harlin

2023. QUALIFYING. Minh Collins

2023. THE TOXIC AVENGER. Macon Blair

2023. YOUNG WOMAN AND THE SEA. Disney/Paramount. Joachim Ronning

2022. A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS. Legendary. Clay Kaytis

2022. THE TOXIC AVENGER. Legendary. Macon Blair

2022. FOR BETTER OR WORSE. Toshko Chapkanov

2021. BARBARIAN. BoulderLight Pictures. Zach Cregger

2021. MEMORY. Briarcliff Entertainment. Martin Campbell

2017. THE HURRICANE HEIST. Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures. Rob Cohen

2016. CRYSTAL INFERNO. Eric Summer

2013. CRYSTAL SKULLS. Toshko Chapkanov



2020. PANDORA. The CW Network. Brett Simmons, Buddy Giovinazzo (4 episodes)

2017. -20 ABSENTIA. Amazon Prime Video. Oded Ruskin (30 episodes)

2006. DEXTER. CBS. Various



2012. KONG : A GODDAMNED THIRTY-FOOT GORILLA. SkyPilot Theatre. Jamie Robledo

2012. EARTHBOUND : AN ELECTRONICA MUSICAL. SkyPilot Theatre. Christian Levatino

2012. LIGHTS OFF, EYES CLOSED. SkyPilot Theatre. Meredith Berg-Erwin

2009. JULIUS CAESAR. Declan Adams. Erwin Tuazon

2009. HENRY V. Independent Shakespeare. David Melville

2009. THE TEMPEST. Independent Shakespeare. Melissa Chalsma

2007. MACBETH. Declan Adams. Jeffrey Morris

2006. HAMLET. Declan Adams. Nic DiArmendi

2006. KING LEAR. Charlens Co. Nick Frumkin

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