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American / Swedish Actor, dual national and bilingual.

Based in Stockholm.




2022. THE PLAYLIST. Netflix. Per-Olav Sorensen

2019. IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH. Discovery Network. Emily Dillon Berry

2016. JÄVLA KLÅPARE. TV12. Daniel Ottosson



2021. A HARD WORKING ACTOR. Derhallis Productions. Ghaith Derhalli

2018. DEAD AIR. Badlands Productions. Matt Sullivan



2020. PROOF. Playhouse Teater. Elisabet Klason

2020. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING. Scandinavian American Theatre Company. Jenna Hoffman

2019. THE JOHNSONS. Page 73 Productions. Shira-Lee Shalit

2018. THE COURTYARD (OFF-BROADWAY). Scandinavian American Theatre Company. Pálína Jónsdóttir

2018. THE WINTER'S TALE. Classics on the Rocks. William Downes

2018. BLUE STOCKINGS. Mannie Greenfield Theatre. George C. Heslin

2018. OTHELLO. Mannie Greenfield Theatre. Susan Pilar

2017. NORTH SHORE FISH. Lester Martin Theatre. Kyle Fabel

2017. POCATELLO. Lester Martin Theatre. Zenon Kruszelnicki

2017. MAURITIUS. Lester Martin Theatre. Zenon Kruszelnicki*

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