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French Actor, perfect British and American English. Based in London




2023. Bruce Kingsley. JACK AND JILL 3: HILLS RUN RED. Champ Dog Films. Louisa Warren



2023. AQUAMAX. IMAX. Christopher Gaunt

2023. FMA. Fitness Marketing Agency. Ben Davis

2018. HSBC MILLENIALS. SJR Productions. Joel Kahn



2023. OPERATION DYNAMO. PainterStudio. Charlie Painter

2022. SCAR. Fusion Alpha. Gethin Anthony

2021. THE BOY WHO GOT EVERYTHING HE WANTED. PurpleCoat. Karl Falconer

2021. THE CLIFF. Delcreth Productions. Pedro Rivera

2017. METAL FLESH. Stonestreet Studios. Maxime Collay



2022. A COMEDY OF ERRORS. The Shakespearience. Darren Hirst

2019. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. The Shakespearience. Darren Hirst

2018. THE UN-MAKING OF TOULOUSE LAUTREC. Bated Breath. NYC. Maria Lieberman

2018. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. Sheen Theatre (Off- Broadway). Lynnea Benson

2018. Dr. Chasuble. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST. The AlphaNYC Theatre Company. Bryna Kearney

2017. Brujon/Constable. LES MISÉRABLES. The Wildey Theatre. Edwardsville. Paul Pitts

2016. Henry VIII. LA HALLE RENAISSANCE. Puy du Fou. France. Nicolas De Villiers

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