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Renown Hollywood Actor, William has over 120 credits to his name and starred alongside Jim Carry, Jodie Forster, Donald Sutherland and Sigourney Weaver to name a few.

Based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles




2021. Raunch and Roll, Green Apple Entertainment, Phil Wurtzel

2020. Nowheresville, Base Station 9, Kevin McVey

2020. The 2nd, Momentum Pictures, Brian Skiba

2019. The Beginning: Feel the Dead, Real Dreams Entertainment, John Real

2018. Rottentail, Ammo Content, Brian Skiba

2017. Opus of an Angel, Random Media, Ali Zamani

2017. I Believe, Great Movies Distribution, Juergen Peretzki, Stacey Peretzki

2017. Nun, Cinema Epoch, Chad Dossett

2017. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, FlipsideTV, B. Luciano Barsuglia

2016. Star Paws, California Pictures, Evan Tramel

2016. The Secrets of Emily Blair, Netflix, Joseph P. Genier

2016. Enemy Within, N1 Production UG, Damian Chapa

2016. Fishes 'n Loaves: Heaven Sent, Grindstone Entertainment Group, Nancy Criss

2016. Last Man Club, Freestyle Digital Media, Bo Brinkman

2016. Streets of East L.A., New York International Pictures, Damian Chapa

2015. Dry, Alchemy, Stephanie Linus

2015. The Wicked Within, After Dark Films, Jay Alaimo

2015. Beyond the Farthest Star, GathrFilms, Andrew Librizzi

2015. Medusa, Ariztical Entertainment, Jorge Ameer

2014. Doc Holliday's Revenge, Barnholtz Entertainment, David DeCoteau

2013. My Stepbrother Is a Vampire!?!, Rapid Heart Pictures, David DeCoteau

2011. The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy, Strike Back Studios, Tanner Beard

2010. The Ascent, Ranch Studios, S.J. Creazzo

2009. The Bleeding, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Charlie Picerni

2007. A Dance for Bethany, Vanguard Cinema, Brian Gurley

2007. April Moon, April Moon Productions, David Asmussen

2006. The Iron Man, Karim Movies, Alex Nam 1998, Ringmaster, Artisan Entertainment, Neil Abramson 1998 The Brylcreem Boys, BMG Video, Terence Ryan

1994. Surviving the Game, New Line Cinema, Ernest R. Dickerson

1993. Aspen Extreme, Buena Vista Pictures, Patrick Hasburgh

1990. Texasville, Columbia Pictures, Peter Bogdanovich

1990. Stella, Buena Vista Pictures, John Erman

1989. Dream a Little Dream, Vestron Pictures, Marc Rocco

1988. Stealing Home, Warner Bros., Steven Kampmann, William Porter

1987.Opera, Orion Classics, Dario Argento



2018. -22 Age of the Living Dead , AXN Spin, Simon Phillips (8 episodes)

2021. Paper Empire, Inner Circle Films, Robert Gillings (6 episodes)

2020. The Christmas High Note, Copper Beeches, Brian Skiba

2020. The Wrong Stepfather, David DeCoteau, Hybrid

2020. The Wrong Tutor, Hybrid, David DeCoteau

2018. Left for Dead, Synapse, Brian Skiba

2017. -18 Feel the Dead, CG Entertainment, John Real (6 episodes)

2017. Running Away, Lifetime Television, Brian Skiba

2015. The Astronaut Wives Club, ABC, Stephanie Savage (10 episodes)

2014. High School Possession, Lifetime Television, Peter Sullivan

2006. Beyond the Break, Noggin, Sean McNamara

2005. NYPD Blue, ABC, Various (2 episodes)

2003. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC, Various (2 episodes)

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