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Irish / American Actress with dual citizenship.
Based in London




2012. BETWEEN US. Bugeater Films. Dan Mirvish

2011. NO SAINTS FOR SINNERS. Avenue Red Cinema. Nathan Frankowski

2009. DARK WOODS/FORBIDDEN ATTRACTION. NomDe Plume films. Michael Escobedo

2009. GOOD GUYS FINISH LAST. Not. Camel Productions. Riley Wood

2009. PENANCE. Clever worm entertainment. Jake Kennedy

2004. ZOMBIE HONEYMOON. Showtime Networks. Dave Gebroe



2012. LOVE/HATE. Octagon Films, RTE. David Caffrey

2006. MEGABYTE MAN. Lasky Productions. Justin Folk

2002. LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS. NTV Telefilms. Yakov Poselsky



2019. FLOGGING A GLASS HORSE. Deaf Cat Films. Euan White

2015. THE PICNIC. Underground Studios. Ciaran Creagh

2013. THE NOTE. FailSafe Films. Ciaran Creagh

2011. A GOOD DAY. Jeannine Sturtevant Films. Jeannine Sturtevant

2010. ANOTHER LIFE. University of Southern California. Nathan Ruegger

2008. RETURN TO SENDER. The Door Post Film Project. Boris Schasrschmidt

2003. SIX TULIPS. Mad Hatter Filmz. Duane Langley



2021. HAMLET. Tower Theatre Company Independant Ensemble Company

2020. MACBETH. Theatro Technis Independant Ensemble Company

2019. LA ROSE ROUGE. Theatro Technis. George Eugeniou

2004. THE COLLEEN BAWN. Irish Repertory Theatre, New York. Charlotte Moore

2003. PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD. Irish Repertory Theatre, New York. Charlotte Moore

2002. POOR BEST IN THE RAIN BY BILLY ROCHE. Irish Arts Centre, New York. Terence Lamude

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