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Non binary actor bilingual English / Italian. Based in London and Turin.




2006. THE OTHER BOLEYIN GIRL. BBC Films. Justin Chadwick



2022. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Paramount +. Florian Baxmeyer

2007. SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. BBC. John Alexander



2019. MR. ZITI'S PAGEANT FOR A BETTER FUTURE (PLAY). Ars Nova. Jack Dentinger

2018. MY PARSIFAL CONDUCTOR (OFF-BROADWAY) (PLAY). The Directors' Company. Bob Kalfin

2011. LA BOHEME (OLIVIER AWARD WINNER) (OPERA). Opera Up Close. Robin Norton Hale

2015. A NIGHT ON BROADWAY (CONCERT). Symphony Orchestra of Guiyang

2015. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (MUSICAL). New York Fringe. Peter Berube

2015. THE RUNAWAY CLONE (MUSICAL). The Crowne Theatre. Mia Capotorto Sommese

2014. DRACULA'S CALL (MUSICAL). Lisa Monde Production/Don't Tell Mama. Lisa Monde

2014. SALOMÈ (PLAY). Theatre 54/Roots and Wings. Molly Ballerstein

2012. FROM STAGE TO SCREEN AND BACK AGAIN (CONCERT). Leicester Square Theatre. Russell Scott

2009. JERRY SPRINGER THE OPERA (MUSICAL). One Academy. Andrew Panton

2007. APOCALYPSE THE MUSICAL. Feed the Ducks. Heather Newton

2007. HAPPYLAND THE MUSICAL. Feed the Ducks. Heather Newton

2007. ROMEO AND JULIET (PLAY). Teatro Stabile di Verona. Paolo Valerio

2007. SWEENEY TODD (MUSICAL). Fitzwilliam. Annabel Baxter

2005. JAGO (PLAY). Pleasance KingDome. Nick Moseley

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